Buying and building in Dubbo - How Delroy Park is different to other estates

Want to build your dream home, but not sure where to start?

The process can seem daunting, we know. Choosing the right lot, the right builder, the right bathroom tiles - there’s a lot to consider.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful. When you buy and build at Delroy Park, you have someone on the ground, who will help you through every step of the way. Because we want to help you make your dream a reality.

And that’s just one of the ways we are different from other housing developments.

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Our Vision

We want to build a community - not just houses.

When we put together our Master Plan, we set some goals. Then we designed our estate. Then we combed through what we’d done, and made sure it achieved what we had set out to do.

Our vision was to:

  • Create a safe, secure neighbourhood, where the residents are relaxed and happy

  • Utilise the space, and make sure we have larger lot sizes, a variety of options and plenty of designated parkland

  • Provide easy access to the many services that are right on our doorstep

  • Build an established community of like minded people, who want to live here long term

  • Allow our residents to customise their home, so their unique style and needs are represented

We haven’t compromised on the vision we had 20 years ago. The lot sizes will always be larger and our parks won’t become housing.

Right from the word go, we wanted to put the community first. And we remain committed to this.

Our team

We sit down with every person who comes through looking to buy their first lot and build their home. We go through what you’re lifestyle needs are and help you pick a block that meets them.

We will hold the block while you get soil tests or any other information you need - and finalise the plan before you buy. So you have all the information and you know the full costs up front.

We are your person on the ground throughout the whole process, so if you’re not here to oversee the build every day, you can rest easy.

Freedom to build your dream

We have less restrictions on building than some other estates.

There are some standard guidelines about size and boundaries, but in terms of how you want your home to look - there is more flexibility in Delroy Park.

Because we know you want to customise your home to suit you, and express your individuality.

We also have more variety in lot sizes, so you can select one that meets your needs!

When you walk through Delroy Park, you’ll see this. It just has a different feel to other developments, where many of the houses resemble each other.

Location - with services on your doorstep

Many housing developments are built on the fringes of the main city or town - or just outside.

Delroy Park is different. We are on the western side of the Macquarie River in Dubbo, just around the corner from a shopping centre, several doctor’s offices, a dentist, schools and restaurants.

We are also just 4 minutes from the CBD.

So not only are you guaranteed a life of convenience - it’s a great investment for years to come, in a rapidly growing regional hub.

Looking to build your home in Dubbo?

We know there are several places to build in Dubbo, but Delroy Park offers a unique lifestyle experience.

Contact us to begin your journey!