Comparing new housing developments? Here are some things to consider

Buying or building your home is a huge commitment, especially if it’s your ‘forever home.’ Many factors need to be considered - and this is definitely one area where it’s ok to be picky.

Housing developments offer a unique living experience. If you find one that fits with your dreams and life goals, it can be the perfect place to settle.

But people often get nervous about block sizes, restrictions on building and lifestyle options.

Always remember, each development is different.

The vision behind each estate often varies. Some prioritise open spaces and larger blocks. Others wish to accommodate more people.

We’ve put together some things to consider when you’re looking at housing developments.


The ‘vibe’

What’s the ‘feel’ of the place? The neighbours, the houses, the master plan?

You can gauge this by driving through the streets and seeing what kind of people live there and how the place is designed.

Are you a downsizer, looking for that quiet escape? Are you a growing family, looking for space? Different estates will offer different ways of life. It’s important to find one that suits you.

Things to look at here are restrictions on building and the variety of block sizes. Here you’ll get an idea of what the vision is for the area and how the developer plans to achieve it. Bigger blocks mean more privacy. Less restrictions mean more freedom in the design of your home.

The Delroy Park ‘vibe’

Delroy Park is not just a housing development, it is a master planned community.

Our development is not brand new. It is an established neighbourhood that has been in existence for over 20 years and continues to grow.

We devised a master plan to create a family oriented community, and we have not deviated from our vision. We have a variety of block sizes and less rules in regards to design.


Do you want everything at your fingertips? Or do you want a retreat, away from the hustle and bustle?

If you’ve been to several estates and done your comparing, you’ll have seen many offer different things in the way of lifestyle.

Some are built to be explored - with cycleways, parkland and open spaces for picnics and family gatherings.

Take a drive around the area and see what kind of recreational activities are available - and if they fit into your general interests.

The Delroy Park lifestyle

Our vision for our community is focused on providing an escape at the end of the day, and a haven for you to explore on the weekends.

There is an abundance of parks throughout and footpaths where the kids can ride their bike and visit their friends.

And for the bigger kids - the Golf Course is right next door. So there really is something for everyone.


Things like work, school, doctors appointments and coffee with friends are all parts of everyday life. The daily juggle to get everywhere can wear some people down.

Ideally, we’d all love to live somewhere that is close to things like the shops, medical services and education facilities - without compromising on space, peace and quiet. Proximity to services is not only a good investment, it provides a convenient lifestyle.

If strolling to the shops or walking the kids to school are priorities, this should be factored in when considering housing estates.

Services at Delroy Park

Everything you need is already here.

Delroy Park is minutes from the shopping centre, three doctor’s practices, a dentist, and a pharmacy. The City of Dubbo has over twelve doctor’s practices all within a fifteen minute drive. It is also 10 minutes to the large Dubbo Base Hospital, which is a hub for specialist care in the Western region.

Delroy Park is also close to schools, restaurants and the CBD. Everything is at your fingertips.

It’s also the beauty of living in a regional area! Nothing is too far away.

Is your next home in Dubbo?

Are you thinking of making the change from the busy city to a relaxed regional city? Or maybe you’re already a Dubbo local, looking to upsize in a well established, safe community.

Delroy Park wants to help you achieve your dreams. If you think you might be interested in building in our community, we will take the time to sit down with you - and get to know you. We will go through your lifestyle needs and help to pick a block that suits you.

Get in touch.